Will you sit back, relax and watch our planet burn?

Mother Earth Needs Us! We can change the world together! Big Impact start with small steps!

Mission Statement

Making it easy for everyone to act on climate change. Helping people and the planet by becoming the largest web3 onchain carbon offset marketplace! 

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“Projects such as these could change the way the world sees the crypto and blockchain space, as it usually receives severe criticism for its climate impact.” 

Shylin Sam
Technology Writer , Coin Quora

Welcome to Earthling

We believe that human beings are members of a planetary society of Earth. Therefore, We call ourselves Earthling so that we are no longer divided by race, nation, districts, island, cities, or villages in this movement to awaken global consciousness. Earthling platform will enable individuals, families and businesses remove carbon, restore nature and become Carbon Neutral by supporting farmers in the tropics with reforestation.

Earthling Token

$ETLG is the backbone to support funding for the Earthling ecosystem and functions as governance token. Earthling token acts not only as a DAO token, but also as a pioneer in fighting climate change and ecological collapse. By supporting Earthling, you are already helping us save planet earth.

Carbon Token

Carbon Token is a proof of your carbon credit and this coin will be backed entirely by Carbon credit. Every Carbon token minted equals to 1 Carbon credit, a digital certificate that lets you emit 1 tonne of CO2. Initially, we will work with a high quality nature based reforestation program.

Earthling DAO

Earthlings can discuss and propose potential projects on our discord. Create proposal and get voted for the distribution of funds to reforestation programs or other impactful non-profit organization that need funding.

Understand Your Carbon Footprint

Take the first step into restoring earth balance by calculating and educating yourself about carbon emission. Earthling app will provide you with steps that are right for you to take care for our planet and communities. 

Contribute to Carbon Offset

Now everyone can easily offset their carbon footprint by buying carbon credits from Earhling Marketplace that we source from high quality nature based solutions, supporting projects that remove carbon, restore earth & support people. 

Monitor the Reforestation Program

Get a comprehensive report and impact analysis of reforestation and conservation programs. Showcase your impact investment portfolio with everyone through engaging visualization on Earhling.

Earthling Tokenomics

Taxes will be converted into BUSD by smart contract. Holders can get a genuine source of passive income paid out in BUSD rewards! We will also gather treasury for Reforestation fund, Liquidity, Marketing & Dev. If BUSD liquidity locked exceeds 10% of MarketCap, taxes from liquidity could be allocated somewhere else or eliminated based on DAO votings. 

10% Buy & Sell Tax


Reforestation Fund


Auto Liquidity


BUSD Rewards for Holders


Marketing Fund


Development Fund

Learn more about the world you live in. With your help, we can start repairing the planet, one day at a time

Brazil & Indonesia Account for Almost Half of Tropical Deforestation

No Company in the World Achieved Its Net Zero Deforestation Commitment 

Beef is Responsible for 41% of Global Deforestation

Deforestation Contributes about 4.8 Billion Tonnes of Carbon Dioxide A Year

More than 5 Trillion pices of plastic floating in our ocean

More than 1 million species are at risk of extinction by climate change

Many leaders still aren’t taking it seriously

Everyone may die at the end of horror movies, but we don’t have to


Start Fight Climate change Now

We have to make 2020 to 2030 a critical decade of real decisions and real actions… The urgency of what we need to do cannot be overstated, Ready to dive in?

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